If you think that cleaning your windows is a very simple task, then you are very wrong. You really have to consider safety when cleaning your windows. Before you get a bucket filled with soapy water and climb up the ladder, here are several things that you have to consider for a safe window cleaning Fresno job. 

The Tools 

  • Ladder 

You have to examine the ladder first to know if it holds your weight and if it is still in excellent condition. You’ve got to ensure you have 3 contact points at all times. To avoid over-reaching, you have to reposition the ladder after every window. You should also consider extra ladder tools like stabilizers and ladder mitts.  

  • Rags 

The rag should be absorbent and clean. You will utilize them to dry windows and wipe drips whenever you’re done cleaning. You can place them strategically in your tool belt. A lot of professionals recommend microfiber since they will leave a streak-free and lint-free shine.  

  • Scrubber/Sponges 

You’ve got to ensure they’re easy to hold. It is also ideal to have a scrubber that has a long handle. This will help you have a good reach to your windows.  

  • Cleaning Detergent 

You’ve got to ensure it’s good to use on windows. Of course, you do not want to leave streaks. A lot of professionals suggest using a little dishwashing liquid.  

  • Squeegee 

Make sure it’s good quality. You can find a lot of them in shops. The most durable types have a rubber blade with a metal frame.  

  • Bucket 

You need to have a durable bucket that has an excellent grip on the handle. Make sure you do not fill it completely. Professionals recommend filling ¼ or ½ of the bucket. 

The Weather 

You also have to consider the weather. It isn’t an excellent time to clean the windows if it’s extremely hot, windy, or rainy. You also have to examine the ground. The ground might be slippery if it has just rained. You’ve got to ensure that the ground is strong enough to handle your weight and the ladder. 

Additional Tips 

If there is a fall, you’ve got to ensure that you have some type of protection. You need to bring your cellphone with you if you’ve got one. It is wise to have an emergency plan. You should also tell another person that you are going to clean the windows. A lot of professionals recommend that you clean your windows with someone. It isn’t ideal to clean your windows alone.  

Also, you’ve got to ensure that the person cleaning the windows have some training and experience if you choose not to do it yourself. When using a ladder, it is crucial to take breaks. If you’ve been on the ladder for half an hour, it is suggested that you take a break. It’s also ideal to have someone to hold the ladder for you. Also, a lot of professionals recommend not cleaning the windows in the direct sun since it will leave streaks and smudges.